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Benefits for Cows

      In dairy farming milking is the most important procedure.  The milk must milk in a healthy way.  A milking machine is required even in a family-run farm with only 2 or 3 cows.


  •  Reduces milking time and increases productivity,

    As the milking time approaches, cows release a hormone called OXYTOCIN and when this hormone reaches an optimum level, the cows release milk.

   This hormone is at the optimum level for between 4 and 7 minutes according to the breed and eating habits of each animal the milking procedure must finish during this time.

   Milking by hand is a much slower process; therefore, less milk is obtained with each milking session.

   Machine reduces milking time by 50%.

Increases the fat content in milk by 15%.


  •   Protects teat health,

   Appropriate use of a good milking machine, reduces teat infection and keeps illness at bay.

Human advantages

       Milking machine is energy efficient, quicker and also increase hygiene of milk. 

       Decrease of illness for animals means more profit for the farmer.

  •   High quality milk 

   For best quality milking shall finish during the time oxytocin is released. This is easily possible with machine.

  •   Provides healthy and clean milk,

  Milking by machine provides cleaner milk. The milk is stored immediately and this prevents the milk from going off, and so provides a higher yield of milk.

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